Report Digipay4Growth conference Vienna

Digipay4Growth conference, Nov. 23
August 3, 2016
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Report Digipay4Growth conference Vienna

On the 23rd of November a selected number of international guests gathered to take part in the DigiPay4Growth conference in Vienna. The conference was organised by the DigiPay4Growth partner Allmenda from Austria.
Results, successes and lessons learned of the 4 pilot projects in Bristol, Sardinia, Santa Coloma and the Netherlands  were shared in the presentation of pilot leaders. Participants learned that the DigiPay4growth can be used for 2 main innovations:

1) counter-cyclical credit

2) enlarging the multiplier effect of local purchasing power.

Local government partners of the pilots in Bristol, Santa Coloma and Sardinia informed participants about the possibilities created by DigiPay for local governments to create volume in the systems such as channeling subsidies, paying civil servants and paying suppliers through their systems.

Participants had the opportunity to join workshops to work together with project partners to acquire more in-depth knowledge and to prepare for the possibility of future dissemination in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Slovekia and Lithuania.

For a report and presentations of the workshops, please click here.

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