14 partners work together to showcase examples of the DigiPay4Growth method, in order for others to see, read or experience the benefits of DigiPay. Click here to learn more about the pilots  in Bristol, Sardinia Catalonia and the Netherlands. Other partners in the consortium learn from these pilots and subsequently also prepare implementation in their respective locations.

group photo bruxelles (2)

   first – larger group meeting of Digipay4Growth, Sept, 2013, Brussels


1 social_trade_organization  Social Trade Organization
2 Bristol-Pound.jpeg Bristol Pound Community Interest Company
3 bristol_credit_union Bristol Credit Union
4 bristol_city_council Bristol City Council
5 Agencia de Desenvolupament de Bergueda  Agencia de Desenvolupament de Bergueda
6 Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet
7 learning_by_doing Learning By Doing
8 ubiquat_technologies  Ubiquat Technologies
9 Universitat Pompeu Fabra  Univeersitat Pompeu Fabra
10 sardex  SARDEX
11 regional_government_of_sardinia Regional Government of Sardinia
12 Finanziaria per lo Sviluppo della Lombardia  Finanziaria per lo Sviluppo della Lombardia S.p.A.
13 Allmenda  Allmenda
14 akademia_finansow_i_biznesu_vistula Akademia Finansów I Biznesu Vistula