December 19, 2016

Report Digipay4Growth conference Vienna

On the 23rd of November a selected number of international guests gathered to take part in the DigiPay4Growth conference in Vienna. The conference was organised by […]
August 3, 2016

Digipay4Growth conference, Nov. 23

Do you live or work  in a region where SMEs need extra clients, sales and turnover. Or where innovative SMEs need a nurturing environment? We invite […]
April 20, 2016

Innovative credit scheme starts in Bristol

Bristol just launched the Prospects scheme: social trade credit  in a special currency. Some innovative features of this credit scheme:           – […]
December 9, 2015

Local currency in Barcelona inspired by Digipay4Growth pilots

Last October, Barcelona commissioner for commerce, consumer affairs and markets, Miquel Ortega, attended the Digipay4Growth conference in Bristol to learn more about innovative local currencies. This […]