DigiPay4Growth Catalonia

Digipay4Growth Catalonia implements pilots in the municipality Santa Coloma de Gramenet and the county Berguedà. Five  local partner organisations participate in the project: Ubiquat (coordinator and IT design and support), Learning by Doing (M&E and public administration advice), University of Pompeu Fabra (legal advice) and the local councils of  Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Berguedà. 

The most advanced pilot at this moment is that of Santa Coloma. An agreement was signed with the City Council to implement a Social Trade Circuit to channel public subsidies to civil society entities for culture, sports and trade in 2016. It is foreseen that the system can also channel other expenditures such as public servants salaries, public service fees, and consumer cash-ins. Berguedà will follow with a similar pilot, relevant to its context specific characteristics.

Click here for an interview with Encarna Díaz Herrera and Oriol Tuson Ganuza of the city council of Santa Coloma.

Results this far:

  • Buy local scheme promotion done and materials made
  • Legal investigation and check
  • Agreement signed with Santa Coloma City council
  • Model elaborated for channeling subsidies thought the system
  • Viability plan and procedures written for the local administration