On this page relevant deliverables of the Digipay4Growth project can be found. These documents, studies, manuals, etc. describe and support all steps needed by third parties to implement a Digipay4Growth project. Examples are legal studies, circulation plans, marketing strategy, technical manuals, operational instructions, etc. The deliverables have been produced by the 4 DigiPay4Growth pilots, meaning that you can choose between different examples and different languages available. Interested in setting up a DigiPay4Growth system? , click here to a manual.

The deliverables below can be downloaded by clicking on them. New deliverables will be published frequently.

D1.1.2 Financial procedures compendium – Catalonia
D1.2.1 Operational procedures compendium (Bristol)
D1.2.2 Operational procedures compendium (Catalonia)
D1.3.1 Study on government expenditures (Bristol)
D1.3.2.1 Study on government expenditures (Catalonia: Sta Coloma)
D1.4.1 Circulation plan Bristol
D1.4.2.1 Circulation plan Catalonia: Sta Coloma
D1.4.2.2 Circulation plan Catalonia: Granollers
D1.4.2.3 Circulation plan Catalonia: Bergueda
D1.4.2.4 Circulation plan Catalonia: cooperatives
D1.4.3 Circulation plan Sardinia
D1.5.1 Marketing plan – Bristol
D1.5.2.1 Marketing plan – Catalonia: Sta Coloma
D2.1.1 Report on legal compliance Bristol
D2.1.2 Report on legal compliance Catalonia
D2.1.3 Report on legal compliance Sardex
D2.3.1 Bristol Statutes of guarentee fund
D2.3.2 Statutes of Catalonian pilot
D3.1Methodological report on data capturing
D4.1.2 Report on installation, configuration and testing Ubiquat
D4.1.3 Report on installation, configuration and testing Sardinia
D4.2.1 Report on security audit certification STRO
D4.2.1 Report on security audit certification Bristol
D4.2.2 Report on Security Audit Certification Ubiquat
D4.4.1 Report on technical support infrastructure & procedures Bristol
D4.4.2  Report technical support infrastructure Ubiquat
D5.3 Handbooks on all operational procedures and protocols for system administration, one for each pilot
D5.5  online tool is operational
D5.7 Scheme and description of the interlinking between M&E and Knowledge sharing