DigiPay4Growth= Digital Payments channeled through a business network to stimulate local/regional economic Growth.

The DigiPay4Growth project applies an innovative Digital Payment System, Cyclos, to channel inflows of purchasing power from various sources towards SME’s in the regional/local economy. DigiPay can be used to:

– Condition (government) expenditures in order to have a positive increase of the local /regional multiplier effect of such expenditures. 

– Provide counter cyclical credit to SMEs, called Social Trade Credit. Those economic actors that benefit from the inflow of credit within a specific supply chain, contribute to the cost of credit risk.

This purchasing power is “trapped” locally for a specific amount of elapsed time so that it creates economic activity and income for local businesses while it remains in the network of businesses.

15 partners throughout Europe

15 partners work together to showcase examples of the DigiPay4Growth method, in order for others to see, read or experience the benefits of DigiPay. Click here to learn more about the pilots in Bristol, Sardinia, Catalonia and the Netherlands. Other partners in the consortium learn from these pilots and subsequently also prepare implementation in their respective locations.

Interested? The knowledge on the applicability, preconditions, best practices etc. are continuously documented.